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Pigeons can be eliminated or managed very effectively.

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Summit County - Utah

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Nuisance wildlife removal is a PRIVATE SERVICE FOR HIRE available in Summit County by Allstate Bird and Animal Control. Allstate Bird and Animal Control provides wildlife removal from private homes, business, and industrial properties.

You’ve come to the right place to find professional help for nuisance wild animal trapping, removal and control.

Contact Allstate Bird and Animal Control at 1-801-430-7663 for an inspection of your property. Allstate Bird and Animal Control removes many kinds of critters including raccoons, bats, pigeons, skunks, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, rats, squirrels, moles, beavers, armadillos, chipmunks, mice, snakes, opossums, feral cats, porcupines, rabbits, and honeybees.

Successful Bat Removal from Summit County Courthouse in Coalville, UT

The Summit County Courthouse is located in Coalville, UT, near its famous neighbor, Park City, UT. The courthouse was built in 1904 of locally quarried white sandstone and is a beautiful Romanesque Revival building. Shortly after the building was built, bats discovered that it made a great roosting site. By the time I was called in to work on the building several years ago, these remarkable little animals had lived in the courthouse for over 70 years.

The colony had grown over time. The bat droppings (guano) had piled up in the huge attic to an amazing height and lay in piles along with carcasses of dead animals and all kinds of insects. Animals were finding their way into the courthouse. Employees were disgruntled. The whole place reeked with the smell that only these animals make. You could even catch the stench in the parking lot outside. The problem became generally known as people contacted the local press and public pressure grew. Bat removal became a county priority.

They tried, and had tried, various methods of bat removal. All sorts of ideas, old-wives tales and pest control companies had been involved. They finally called me for complete wildlife control. \\\"We\\\'ve tried everything!\\\" they said. After hearing the story I was certain I could help, \\\"No, you haven\\\'t tried everything; you haven\\\'t tried me. See, bats are a specialty of mine and I take great pride in helping people, solving problems and being involved in preserving and safe-guarding these amazing animals.\\\"

We went to work bat proofing the building. We inspected, sealed and vented every inch of the building. It almost sounds too good to be true, but in two weeks, they were gone. Really, truly gone.

I was interviewed and featured in the local paper. Summit County never called me back, but I have checked in from time to time to check on how things are up there. The animals have not returned. The building is cleaned up. No more smell! A successful bat removal.

The Summit County Animal Control Services of Utah, UT

Lost pets, barking dogs, loose cats, cows, horses, goats, sheep, or other domestic, farm or ranch animal issues need to be reported to The Summit County Animal Control Services: . They work with domestic animals and can provide information about licensing, vaccinations, lost pets, etc. Summit County does not offer free wildlife animal control services, nor do cities within Summit County.

We are professional wildlife removal contractors offering animal control solutions based in Utah.We pride ourselves on our professional trapping services, and on quality snake, bird, and animal removal.

Allstate Bird and Animal Control removes all sorts of wild animals and birds from residential and commercial properties, including bats, snakes, pigeons, skunks, raccoons, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, beavers, and rodents of every kind. Wild animals on your property can damage vegetation and structures and reduce property value. They also bring disease and a host of insect pests with them, which can adversely affect you, your family, and your pets. In your walls, in your attic, or on your roof wild animals can keep you up at night and their urine and droppings create a horrific smell. After my technicians and I perform wild animal removal, we can provide cleanup, sanitization, and deodorization to help restore your property; we can also provide exclusion services to keep your wildlife problem from recurring. Whether the problem is a colony of bats in a building, raccoons in the attic, or destructive behaviors of critters such as squirrels, gophers and pigeons, we can solve it.

We resolve many types of wildlife control conflicts in Summit County and surrounding areas. Give me a call if you need expert animal removal and/or live wildlife trapping. We can also perform an inspection of your property to evaluate the problem.

The situations we resolve and main trapping and removal services we provide are: raccoon families in attics and chimneys, woodpeckers drilling siding. mud swallow nests on stucco, rats or squirrels thumping and bumping around inside walls and in attics, voles and gophers destroying lawns, skunks stealing pet food, bat infestations, and snakes living in crawlspaces and stone walls.

Along with physical damage and disease, wild animals also bring along disturbance and nuisance with all their commotion and smell. Raccoons and rats will fight all night and keep people awake; baby raccoons chirp and chitter like little birds; skunk smell takes the cake, but have you ever smelled a dead animal in your ventilation system? We have seen much, much more than these problems, but that is a general idea of the kinds of problems that I and my professional wildlife removal operators are prepared to solve.

Not only do my technicians and I trap and remove problem wild animals, we do a lot of other dirty work, too. Don’t hesitate to call us for dead animal removal, bat guano cleanup, pigeon waste removal, mouse dropping cleanup, decontamination, repairs, above ground and below ground rodent slick fencing, odor control for skunk spray, and the like. We are a full service pest control company with a wide range of animal control solutions.

For pigeon and bird control, bat removal, or relief from other pest animals, call our wildlife management experts. Many nuisance wildlife companies offer critter capture and control; our wildlife operators provide professional pest wild animal management. We remove the following AND MORE:

  • Raccoons from attics and chimneys
  • Bats from attics and eaves
  • Voles that dig and tear up lawns and destroy root systems
  • Pigeons from rooftops
  • Swallow nests from stucco, log siding, exterior walls and eaves
  • Mice from walls, attics, basements, crawlspaces, etc.
  • Gophers and moles that damage gardens and golf courses
  • Skunks that damage gardens and make dens under porches and in crawlspaces
  • Feral cats from neighborhoods and parks
  • Rats and squirrels from attics, flower gardens, yards, commercial and industrial property
  • Beavers from lakes, ponds and rivers
  • Woodpeckers that drill in cedar siding and stucco

    GIVE US A CALL: 1-801-430-7663

If you need expert wild animal control, trapping or removal services outside of Utah, check out our USA map to contact a professional trapper nearest you.

Most county animal control services do not offer nuisance wildlife management or support. Summit County services only deal with domestic animals. If you have any type of wildlife problem or need pest control, trapping, or for wildlife prevention in Summit County, call 1-801-430-7663 and ask for Brandon .

Summit County Wild Animal Control News, Stories, Events and Alerts

Wildlife Control in Park City, Utah

People are having Pest Problems in Park City, Utah and we’re lucky enough to hear about it!  From skunks to snakes to swallows, people call us for everything.  These are a few of the calls that we’ve gotten lately that we just had to share.


I came home last night to my living in a wreck! The service door to my pellet stove was open, the blinds and windows were chewed and destroyed, and a there were holes chewed in my hardwood floors leading to the basement. I’m assuming it was a squirrel that came down the chimney. I left windows and the front door open while searching the house for the squirrel. While searching the house I notices small amounts of droppings in various different rooms, but no damage. I could not find the animal after 2-3 hours and closed up and went to bed. I would like someone to come to my house to let me know what kind of animal it may be, if it is still in the house, how to catch it, and if my family is safe staying here. Please call me ASAP

Reece M.

We have a swallow problem at a condo community that I manage. We just recently had all the buildings painted and redone and so we are trying to prevent the swallows from coming back this year and making a nest on our newly painted and cleaned building. If you could give me a call I would appreciate your help and making sure that the swallows don\\\'t come back and build their nest on one of the 13 buildings in this community.

Loretta R.


I believe we may have raccoons or some four legged friend up in our attic. We\\\'re not at the house right now but I have the neighbor across the street that could handle any situation as for letting you in the house or what not. I can see on the side of the house that something definitely bent the air vent and my son was down there last week and he heard noises up in the attic so if you give me a call. I\\\'d appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Brent L.


Skunk Control Under a Summer Cabin in Summit County, Utah

What would you do if you headed out to your summer home and found an unwanted skunk vacationing under your deck? We were looking forward to relaxing near the lake for the next few months and from the first night of our arrival there was nothing but trouble.

We rent a cabin near Salt Lake City, Utah for the summer months in a beautiful valley called Park City each year with our three children. My husband and I are both professors at Harvard University and love our summers in the Utah mountains. We love to hike, bike, and fish and swim on the small mountain lake nearby.

On the first night of our arrival, our children were sleeping in their usual rooms in the two basements rooms located underneath the large deck. We were exhausted from our trip and looking forward to a good night\\\'s rest when our 9 year old boy, Steven, was suddenly staring at my face in the dark.

\\\"Mom, I can\\\'t sleep. The basement stinks.\\\"

\\\"What do you mean?\\\" I asked sleepily.

\\\"It smells like a skunk.\\\"

I wearily got out of bed and went down with Steven to investigate. The skunk odor was terrible down there and our two girls, Allison, 7, and Chloe, 5 were also awake and complaining. We had to move the children up to the hide-a-bed in the living room for the night.

In the morning as we were eating a late breakfast of cereal and toast, Chloe said she saw a skunk and her two babies walking across the deck.

We hired a professional wild animal control technician through the website.

He came out right away. It took him several days to locate the skunk and her babies, but he was able to trap each of them. He suggested that we enclose the area around the deck so we wouldn\\\'t have the problem in the future. He poured concrete all around the underneath of the deck and sealed the cracks between the boards with more wood and caulking.

We were grateful that we could finally start our vacation.

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Allstate Animal Control, captured bat

Hire someone with experience to take care of your bat problems.

Allstate Animal Control skunk cage

Skunk behavior can be unpredictable, and if they spray, the odor lingers.

Allstate Animal Control, swallow nests

Swallow nests are messy and cause damage and staining to your building.

Allstate Animal Control, vole infestation damages

Once beautiful lawns are turned to holes and trails by vole infestations.

Allstate Animal Control, woodpecker bird drilling

Woodpeckers are noisy and may cause permanent damage to stucco and wood siding.