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Pigeons can be eliminated or managed very effectively.

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Larimer County - Colorado

Need To Get Rid of Nuisance Wildlife? - Call 970-545-3065

Nuisance wildlife removal is a PRIVATE SERVICE FOR HIRE available in Larimer County by Enviropest Wildlife Control Pros #6227. Enviropest Wildlife Control Pros #6227 provides wildlife removal from private homes, business, and industrial properties.

You’ve come to the right place to find professional help for nuisance wild animal trapping, removal and control.

Contact Enviropest Wildlife Control Pros #6227 at 970-545-3065 for an inspection of your property. Enviropest Wildlife Control Pros #6227 removes many kinds of critters including raccoons, bats, pigeons, skunks, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, rats, squirrels, moles, beavers, armadillos, chipmunks, mice, snakes, opossums, feral cats, porcupines, rabbits, and honeybees.

Larimer County, Colorado is Home to Many Marauding Raccoons

When people in Larimer County, Colorado want to get rid of Raccoons, they call for professional help:

For more than 10 years we have dealt with raccoons returning to our house. They have gotten in through the soffits each year. We have had babies born that we could hear crying in the walls/ceiling. We have never had them during Dec./Jan., but we do now. I can hear two different raccoons as I type. We wait until they leave and block the path they entered. Ann R.

I have had raccoons in my attic since moving into my grandmother's old house. She had raccoon trouble in her attic before. There was a clear entry hole in the soffit of the tallest tier in the multi-tiered roof. My grandmother is severely hard of hearing, so it's possible they have been there for a while and she didn't hear their scratching. I hear scratching and shifting periodically throughout the day above all ceilings. I fear greatly that a smell and discoloration in a portion of my ceiling above my bedroom closet is their elimination area. While I only see one entry hole, I also know they will climb the siding on the clear opposite side of the house, using a nearby tree as a vantage point. Whether or not they are somehow entering via that side too, I don't know. Perhaps that has become their new point of roof entry anyway. They used to climb the screen of my backyard deck, but I managed to scare one off from the deck one day and have not seen footprints in the snow. I understand you do free estimates. I would be interested in that. Matt V.

I have seen raccoons on my roof. They are visible from inside the house through the skylights, and I have seen them from the outside of the house sitting on the roof. Lately I can hear them from the top floor of my home, but I can't see them from the exterior of the house. It seems that they have entered the house and are between the roof and the ceiling. I hear a lot of thumping and scratching from above. Please contact me to discuss how to proceed and an estimate of the costs involved. Thank you.

The Larimer County Animal Control Services of Colorado, CO

Lost pets, barking dogs, loose cats, cows, horses, goats, sheep, or other domestic, farm or ranch animal issues need to be reported to The Larimer County Animal Control Services: 970-226-3647 . They work with domestic animals and can provide information about licensing, vaccinations, lost pets, etc. Larimer County does not offer free wildlife animal control services, nor do cities within Larimer County .

We are professional wildlife removal contractors offering animal control solutions based in Colorado.We pride ourselves on our professional trapping services, and on quality snake, bird, and animal removal.

Enviropest Wildlife Control Pros #6227 removes all sorts of wild animals and birds from residential and commercial properties, including bats, snakes, pigeons, skunks, raccoons, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, beavers, and rodents of every kind. Wild animals on your property can damage vegetation and structures and reduce property value. They also bring disease and a host of insect pests with them, which can adversely affect you, your family, and your pets. In your walls, in your attic, or on your roof wild animals can keep you up at night and their urine and droppings create a horrific smell. After my technicians and I perform wild animal removal, we can provide cleanup, sanitization, and deodorization to help restore your property; we can also provide exclusion services to keep your wildlife problem from recurring. Whether the problem is a colony of bats in a building, raccoons in the attic, or destructive behaviors of critters such as squirrels, gophers and pigeons, we can solve it.

We resolve many types of wildlife control conflicts in Larimer County and surrounding areas. Give me a call if you need expert animal removal and/or live wildlife trapping. We can also perform an inspection of your property to evaluate the problem.

The situations we resolve and main trapping and removal services we provide are: raccoon families in attics and chimneys, woodpeckers drilling siding. mud swallow nests on stucco, rats or squirrels thumping and bumping around inside walls and in attics, voles and gophers destroying lawns, skunks stealing pet food, bat infestations, and snakes living in crawlspaces and stone walls.

Along with physical damage and disease, wild animals also bring along disturbance and nuisance with all their commotion and smell. Raccoons and rats will fight all night and keep people awake; baby raccoons chirp and chitter like little birds; skunk smell takes the cake, but have you ever smelled a dead animal in your ventilation system? We have seen much, much more than these problems, but that is a general idea of the kinds of problems that I and my professional wildlife removal operators are prepared to solve.

Not only do my technicians and I trap and remove problem wild animals, we do a lot of other dirty work, too. Don’t hesitate to call us for dead animal removal, bat guano cleanup, pigeon waste removal, mouse dropping cleanup, decontamination, repairs, above ground and below ground rodent slick fencing, odor control for skunk spray, and the like. We are a full service pest control company with a wide range of animal control solutions.

For pigeon and bird control, bat removal, or relief from other pest animals, call our wildlife management experts. Many nuisance wildlife companies offer critter capture and control; our wildlife operators provide professional pest wild animal management. We remove the following AND MORE:

  • Raccoons from attics and chimneys
  • Bats from attics and eaves
  • Voles that dig and tear up lawns and destroy root systems
  • Pigeons from rooftops
  • Swallow nests from stucco, log siding, exterior walls and eaves
  • Mice from walls, attics, basements, crawlspaces, etc.
  • Gophers and moles that damage gardens and golf courses
  • Skunks that damage gardens and make dens under porches and in crawlspaces
  • Feral cats from neighborhoods and parks
  • Rats and squirrels from attics, flower gardens, yards, commercial and industrial property
  • Beavers from lakes, ponds and rivers
  • Woodpeckers that drill in cedar siding and stucco

    GIVE US A CALL: 970-545-3065

If you need expert wild animal control, trapping or removal services outside of Colorado, check out our USA map to contact a professional trapper nearest you.

Most county animal control services do not offer nuisance wildlife management or support. Larimer County services only deal with domestic animals. If you have any type of wildlife problem or need pest control, trapping, or for wildlife prevention in Larimer County , call 970-545-3065 and ask for Enviropest Wildlife Control Pros .

Larimer County Wild Animal Control News, Stories, Events and Alerts

Pigeons Invade Larimer County, Colorado

Pigeon problems are more common all the time in Larimer County, Colorado:

There are at least 2 pigeons that have nested under the window air conditioner in the apartment above mine. Because of the construction of the window and how the air conditioner sits in it, it is very difficult for the super of the building to access the space where the pigeons have nested in order to place spikes or other deterrents to hopefully prevent them from being able to continue to nest there. Not only are we concerned about their droppings and the unhealthy possible results of coming into contact with them, the groaning noises that they make at all hours have severely affected our sleep cycles. Holly D.

I live in an old Victorian that has converted to Condo. We have a family of pigeons that are living at the top of the building between the final set of windows and the roof. Since they're in between the roof and the windows we cannot get to their roosting area. We need to have them removed and to also have something put up to prevent their return. Beth M.

I have had a pigeon problem for over a year now and it got worse this past fall. They found an eve and I think they have nested in it. I have tried spraying them with water but the just come back. I need to get rid of them because their stool is all over my walk way and my dog gets into it. I don't want any diseases to be transferred to my dog and later transferred to my baby. Lately I have been hearing tapping nosies in the attic next to the eve. Could they have ripped through any netting that keeps animals away from the attic (my house is built new)? If so who can I call to look at it and possibly remove the pigeons? Rosie J.

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Allstate Animal Control, captured bat

Hire someone with experience to take care of your bat problems.

Allstate Animal Control skunk cage

Skunk behavior can be unpredictable, and if they spray, the odor lingers.

Allstate Animal Control, swallow nests

Swallow nests are messy and cause damage and staining to your building.

Allstate Animal Control, vole infestation damages

Once beautiful lawns are turned to holes and trails by vole infestations.

Allstate Animal Control, woodpecker bird drilling

Woodpeckers are noisy and may cause permanent damage to stucco and wood siding.