NYNJ Wildlife Removal
Sam Saracino


 Sam is one of the most outgoing, caring person you could ever hope to hire for your wildlife removal needs. Sam has a great staff which runs his office and the administration needs of the business, while he meets with clients and customers and takes care of the wildlife removal services. Customer Service sets he and his company apart from other technicians in the New York / New Jersey area. He is well known for going above and beyond for his customers, making sure the jobs are done right the first time, and keeping clients happy.

Sam has been in the nuisance wildlife removal business for over a decade, and prides himself on his love of animals and people. He worked in construction for twenty-five years, but switched to wildlife removal so that he could combine his love of the outdoors, his need to help other people, and his love of animals. His construction background gives him a unique perspective, and he sees many things other trappers would miss. He quickly spots weak points in a roof, wall or floor that allow animals to get inside. If an animal has caused structural damage, he is expert at removing the animal humanely, and repairing, replacing or refurbishing the damaged area.

Sam\\\\\\\'s staff is extremely experienced in helping customers find the most cost-effective way to solve their wild animal problems. Many people are not aware that some animal damage is covered by insurance, and they works tirelessly with insurance companies and adjusters to help their customers find the help they need.

Sam never leaves a customer, even when a job is finished. All his work is completely guaranteed. Previous clients write glowing thank you letters, grateful for the work done by Sam and his employees. Roofs have been saved from aggressive raccoons, technicians have returned to a site several times to make sure every single animal was removed, Sam and his technicians are extremely personable and professional, and they have found innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Sam and his staff take care of wild animal problems in all sorts of buildings: people\\\\\\\'s homes and outbuildings, office suites, warehouses, dry docks, and historical sites. Sam is a certified installer of Bird Barrier products, and he expertly restores historical facades after they have been damaged by pigeons. While their most common household call is removing squirrels and raccoons from attics, they are also experienced at everything from removing dead animals from chimneys, to removing poisonous snakes from basements, to getting rid of a skunk smell that has permeated a room, to birds or bats flying around a house.

Sam and his staff recognize there is never a dull moment in this business. They make themselves available 24/7, with a landline that goes right into his home after hours. He knows that every wildlife removal call is an emergency to the person faced with a wild animal, and they want to make you feel safe again in your own home, property and business.

308 Winant Ave
Staton Island , NY