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A Bear-y Big Problem

Living in the mountains, there are always wild animals running around our yard, and as long as they stayed in their place and we stayed in ours we had no problem with it.  The problem came when we found raccoons in the walls of our house.  We were watching TV in our upstairs bedroom when […]

A Watery Grave

I think there might be a dead animal in the crawlspace of my house? About two weeks ago I started to smell something strange when I was in the kitchen but I kind of passed it off as just bad food or even my imagination.  The problem is that it has only gotten worse and […]

Undisclosed Infestation

Personally, when I’m buying houses I prefer that they don’t come with raccoons in the attic, but maybe that’s just me.  We bought the house in December, and granted the raccoons didn’t move in until late January, but according to the neighbors this was not the first time raccoons had gotten into the house’s attic; […]

Living in Fear

I am literally on the verge of moving into a different house.  There are raccoons in the ceiling of my split level home, and they are pushing me to my limits.  Before they got into my house I would occasionally see them outside, sometimes even running across the roof. They are huge animals, I don’t […]

Out of Ideas

We’ve tried everything to get rid of the raccoons in the attic, but at this point it seems impossible.  They’ve been there for what, a couple of months now?  I can’t pinpoint an exact time because we actually didn’t know they were there until a month or so ago, which is when we first saw […]

What’s Living in the Attic?

There are raccoons in the attic of our rental home.  My family has lived here for about 7 weeks now, but before that it sat empty for 2 years; I think they probably started nesting here during that time.  The first 3-4 weeks we didn’t even notice them because of all the racket we were […]

Night Raid

So we’ve had raccoons in our yard for about a long time now.  We live in a bit of a rural area so this isn’t a new thing to us, but what is new is my dog: Minnie.  She’s a toy Australian Shepherd that my husband surprised me with on Christmas last year.  I absolutely […]

Gone Postal

I’ve been a mailman for about thirty years now, and boy let me tell you about some of the things you see.  And it’s not just the people, either!  I’ve seen my fair share of home drama, yelling, throwing lamps, and storm outs; but it’s the encounters with animals that I’ll never forget. At this […]

Shelter from the Storm

We’ve got a problem, a big raccoon problem! This winter has been a particularly cold one, and not just for people it seems.  Now I would have guessed I had a squirrel problem or even a beaver problem before I said raccoons, I didn’t know they chewed on things! Well I mean I figured they […]

A Little Advice

The best advice I could give to anyone is this: if you find a raccoon in your attic, call a professional.  Last month, we started hearing what sounded like scratching and chewing coming from outer wall.  It worried us a little bit, but we only heard it a couple of times so we gullibly let […]