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A Little Advice

The best advice I could give to anyone is this: if you find a raccoon in your attic, call a professional.  Last month, we started hearing what sounded like scratching and chewing coming from outer wall.  It worried us a little bit, but we only heard it a couple of times so we gullibly let […]

Like Moths to a Flame

I don’t know what it is about it, but wild animals are attracted to my garage.  I’m serious!  I’m more accustomed to walking into the garage and finding a random animal than not.  Usually they’re just one time sights and then they’re gone, but occasionally the animal (whatever species) will stick around for a while.  […]

Birds Eye

We have two birds in our attic, I’m not exactly sure how they got in there or what kind of birds they are but they’ve been there for about 5 days.  My husband was hanging up new Christmas lights when he found a large hole left by a woodpecker in the siding of our house.  […]

Storage Wars

Apparently, earlier this year a family of squirrel started living in my storage shed.  I’m not exactly sure when they moved in, but it had to have been late spring after I had traded out my winter gear for my summer gear, because I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary then. But, late last […]


My already bad raccoon problem, just got worse.  Earlier this week I started hearing odd sounds from my chimney like scuffling, thumps, and the occasional chirping sound.  The chirping almost made me think it was a bird, but it was a more throaty sound than any birds around my house would make, not to mention […]

Santa Claus is coming to Town

There are raccoons in my chimney, no doubt about it.  You can hear them every night, running across the roof and then you can hear them crawl down into the chimney and hit the damper.  If you put your head in the fireplace, you can hear them scuffle around, too.  Obviously this situation itself isn’t […]

What Goes Bump in the Night

I’m afraid we have squirrels in the attic, and my eleven year old daughter is afraid we have ghosts. Earlier this month I sent her up to the attic to start pulling down some of the Christmas things, and I guess while she was up there she heard something bumping and rustling around behind some […]

Little Drummer Boy

One thing I am sure I didn’t ask for from Santa for Christmas this year, was a woodpecker problem.  I know I wasn’t good all the time, but I didn’t do anything that would put me on the naughty list!  Okay, so maybe I can’t blame it on the big guy but I’ve got a […]

What’s in the Air Duct?

There’s an animal in the air duct of my home, I’m not exactly sure what animal(s) it is though. A few years back we had some problems with mice in the walls of our home and of course occasionally our cats would bring a mouse in alive, but with a little bit of poison it […]