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Skunked Out

I’m worried that we have a reoccurring skunk problem underneath the addition in the back of our house.  We had a problem with it earlier this year during spring time when we found out that a skunk had dug a hole under the addition and hibernated there over the winter.  I don’t think we would […]

Sky Rodents

I have a pigeon problem, thanks to my overly generous, grandmotherly neighbor. Now I’m not saying that she isn’t sweet or caring, I’m just saying that she puts animals over people frequently.  If you ask her to feed your cat over the weekend while you go on a business trip, she will skip with joy; […]

Well, I’ll be Dammed

We definitely have a wildlife problem, and it’s affecting our business tremendously. My family comes from a long line of farmers; we raise cattle, chickens, horses, ducks, and a few goats and pigs; and we also grow many vegetables, hay, and alfalfa; all of these things, animals and plants alike, are sustained for the most […]

Wildlife out the Wazzoo

I have so many wildlife problems, I don’t know where to start.  The most recent is the skunk problem, which started around two weeks ago.  Surprisingly that one is the least problematic, I mean yeah it stinks (literally), but it causes less damage than the others.  But, no matter what it still stinks so I […]

A Streak of Bad Luck

The last couple of months haven’t been the best for my family, and to tie a bow on the already poor situation, we just discovered bats in the attic of our house.  It’s like one bad thing just followed the first and they piled onto each other until it hit rock bottom.  It was like […]

Uninvited Visitor

I’ve got quite a unique raccoon problem, and I can’t seem to get rid of it.  You know when your in-laws drop in without letting you know first, that irritation you feel deep in your stomach; well having a raccoon popping in at least once a week is like that x 10.  This has been […]

Behind Cellar Doors

Having raccoons in the cellar isn’t all fun and games, let me tell you. You know all those cute animal videos you see on Facebook and YouTube where the pet can open the door or get out of their cage, and you laugh and aw respectively because it’s cute? Well I changed my mind, it’s […]

A Slippery Surprise in the Woodpile

There are king snakes in my yard, and I am freaking out.  I’m not a snake person to begin with; when I was little, my brother caught a garter snake and hid it under my pillow.  After the moment I curled up for bed, reached under my pillow, and pulled out a snake, I have […]

Reoccurring Raccoons

I have a reoccurring raccoon problem, and not one where every couple of days I’m seeing a raccoon in my backyard; don’t get me wrong that’s happening too but this is worse.  I don’t know how and I don’t know why but for the last three years raccoons have been finding ways to break into […]