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Rodents Inc.

I’ve worked in this building for 8 years and I’ve never had rats in my office until last week. It all started after the garbage trucks took a day off and all of our trash sat outside in a dumpster and rotted until the next Monday, and then the rats came. I first just saw […]

Overrun by Rabbits

There are rabbits in my yard. And not just one or two – they’re not even pets – but ten to twenty sneaking in and destroying my yard. I could not believe it when I saw them at first. I’d always been fairly careful to fence in my property and keep all holes covered, but […]

Skunks Under my House

My husband and I recently found what we believe to be a skunk, living under our house and let me tell you: there is no air freshener strong enough to get the permeating smell of skunk out of anything. Not Febreze, not AirWick, not Glade, not any of them, and I would know. I have […]

Bats… in Church?

I could not believe it when I saw the bats on the ceiling in church last week. Our church has your typical high, vaulted ceilings coupled with large beams making a beautiful pattern; perfect for staring at instead of paying attention during mass, am I right? However, when I saw the bats on the ceiling, […]

Silence of the Chickens

You’d think a six foot fence would keep a raccoon out of your chicken coop, but I guess not. I used to have a nice baker’s dozen of chickens, all raised from hatching until now right in that coop. They were safe there for a long time; until this year. All of a sudden I […]

Raining Maggots

My least favorite job involved some sort of dead animal in a chimney, and a crap-ton of maggots. I’ve worked with Allstate Animal Control for a number of years now, and I’ve had a few weird jobs, one that scared me half to death, and then there are the ones you will never forget. This […]

Squirrely Friend

I’m not sure if she’s crazy, but my sister is letting a squirrel live in the house. I guess a few days ago, maybe a week I’m not sure, a squirrel got into her house. She told me it might have come down the chimney but it could be the attic, or even the front […]

Studio Skunk

I rent a studio in California and I have a problem with skunks in my yard. It all started about a week ago, or I guess by now it would be two weeks, any way that’s beside the point. They’re scratching at the side of my house trying to get under and causing quite the […]