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Something Fishy

There are mice in the crawlspace of my house. I can hear them running around there and in the walls and I am this close to losing my marbles. I’ve set out poison and I’ve set out traps, I even had an exterminator come but let me tell you what good that did, he just […]

Skunk in the Shed

I have never been so ticked off with my dad. Last night he tricked me into following a skunk into our shed. BAD IDEA. I didn’t even know there was a skunk in there! It didn’t smell like skunk and I sure as heck didn’t see any black and white creatures waltzing in and out […]

Scare of a Lifetime

I’ve lived a lot of places and seen a lot of things, from snakes in the kitchen to bats in the ceiling, but a rat in the toilet takes the cake. People always talk about the scariest moments of their lives. You hear a lot of near death experiences, the occasional skydiving story, and more […]

Rowdy Raccoons

You know, I hear about people with raccoons in the attic all the time, but my story seems a little different. Like hundreds of other people in the country, I was hearing the sound of thumping and rustling in my attic that I could only attribute to raccoons. Unlike other raccoons though, these two HATED […]

Rat Blaster

I can’t deny it anymore: there are rats in my house. I tried to ignore the droppings I would find now and again and even brushed off the scuttling in the walls, but when I opened my son’s dresser and found a nest of wrappers and poop, I lost it. Now that I’m out of […]

Gophers on the Septic Mound

There is a gophers living on top of my septic mound. Living in Park City, I’m a little bit further out in the “country” than quite a few people in Utah, although not by much. Anyway, back to the gopher. Living where I do, gophers aren’t uncommon for me to find on my property, I’ve […]

Skunk Assassin

Nothing smells more like death, than skunk spray. And let me tell you something, it’s one thing to drive past a dead skunk on the road and smell it, it’s a completely different story when it’s in your garage and house. I always knew that there were skunks in Park City, I was never ignorant […]

Caught Red Handed

I went out to my rental house about 5 days ago to check some things out for the renters, and I found raccoons in the attic. At first I wasn’t sure if they were cats or raccoons, but after setting up a camera outside, I know its raccoons. I watched them crawl up the drain […]

Cats Gone Wild

I always knew my grandmother had a big heart, but I never knew she’d let 6 stray cats live in her house!  We recently lost my 86 year old grandmother to a stroke, it was hard but we gathered together to go through old family treasures at her house and find old pictures for the […]