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Well.. Dam

Living in the country was a downright treat before our beaver problem.  When I was little, my grandparents lived about an hour away from town and had a few acres of land and I absolutely loved it.  There’s nothing like being able to see all of the stars and smell the dew in the morning.  […]

Dead Rats and HVAC’s

Have you ever had the smell of dead rat blown through your house by the air-conditioning?  It’s an eye-opening experience I’ll tell you that much, and stressful; and now that I think about it, it really sucks.  About a month ago while I was cooking dinner, I watched two rats run right across my kitchen […]

Skunk Bomb

My cousin, threw a smoke bomb, at a skunk.  I always knew that having redneck relatives wasn’t my biggest accomplishment, but this wasn’t just laughable misconduct, but complete family embarrassment!  Not just because of the smoke bomb (heaven knows why he had that) but because he lit his house on fire doing it; and not […]

Rats in the Barn

A few weeks ago I discovered rats in my barn. I didn’t really mind, it was outside and my cat would catch a few here and there, until I found the nest living under the floorboards and it hit me that there weren’t just a few, but twenty or more.  That wasn’t even the worst […]

Rats on a Plane

I was recently reading an article about rats on a plane and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  A plane that was six hours into its flight to London was stopped, turned around, and sent back to Mumbai because a rat was seen on the plane.  Once it finally landed back where it took […]

Squirrels in the Vents

Have you ever heard the pitter patter of squirrels in the vents?  I sincerely hope that the answer is no because it’s quite unsettling, especially when you live in an older house like I do.  I won’t lie, it crossed my mind that my house could be haunted and I thought about calling Jennifer Love […]

Cat on the Prowl

I recently discovered what I can only call a cat on the prowl.  I don’t know what it’s looking for but I can tell you that I’m sure glad he’s roosting underneath my neighbor’s house, not mine.  It’s a big, white and yellow tom cat that has been slinking around the neighborhood for about a […]

Woodpeckers in the Attic

I can’t take much more of this.  For two months I’ve shared my home with the woodpeckers in the attic and I’ve just about had my fill.  The only reason they’ve been there this long is that my daughter loves Looney Toons and has become quite fond of the Tweety Bird, and when she overheard […]

Raccoon’s Under the Deck

Well, it was about a year ago when I got the call about a man with raccoons under his deck, it was nothing I hadn’t dealt with before in fact it was common, but the client was not.  He was a big ol’ southern man, and let me tell you he was a big ol’ […]