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Pigeons on the Roof

Living in the country like I do, I see all sorts of birds in the neighborhood: bald eagles, golden eagles, and even hawks; but pigeons on the roof? I thought that was just a New Yorker thing! Magpies and Robbins are one thing, but pigeons are another, they like to live in their little flocks […]

Fruit Thief

Living in Southern California means that I can grow fruit trees, but it also provides an abundance of fruit thieves. A few years back when my boyfriend Danny and I decided to start planting fruit trees, we were expecting that animals would occasionally rob us of some of the delicious fruit when it started growing. […]

Snake in my Garage

I had never been as afraid in my life as I was the day I found the snake in my garage. You see things like that in Alfred Hitchcock movies, on Animal Planet even, but it’s not something you think you’ll ever encounter, but I did. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been […]

Bats in the Attic

I never knew I’d be living with bats in the attic when I chose my new house. I thought that the Johnson’s were a normal family when I moved into the typical suburban neighborhood, I picked it for the wonderful view of the mountains from the kitchen corner, right above the fridge. I’ve always loved […]

Dead Rat

I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled a dead rat, but it’s not pleasant that’s for sure. It was roughly a year ago when my wife Justine and I discovered that our new house (of only three months) had a rat problem; no wonder it sold so easily. It took us a while to realize […]

Skunk in the Roof

There is a skunk in my roof. Now, if you’ve ever smelled a skunk you know that even from miles away, the smell is strong and potent. I have that in my house. Not to mention it’s not just any skunk, I have a DEAD skunk in my roof. Which means coupled with the foul […]

The Woodpecker War

My neighbor has a woodpecker problem, and I’m sorry but I think it’s so funny.  Not the problem itself, but the way he deals with it.  If my memory serves me correct, it’s been going back and forth for about two years now, but it might not have been quite that long. I know we’ve […]

Squirrel Stuck in Attic

The first time the landlord found a squirrel stuck in the attic it turned out to be the least of our problems. My husband Ben and I had heard scratching in the walls but just assumed it was mice and set out traps, but when Ben went to fix the water heater, it turned out […]

Woodpecker in the House

It was after a week of getting no sleep that I realized we had a woodpecker in the house. I didn’t exactly know where or how it got in, but I definitely knew that the constant clanging and pecking was from a woodpecker no doubt about it. When I told my dad what I knew […]

Raccoon Attack

My dog isn’t little, she’s a 110 pound black lab, so imagine my surprise when I woke up to find two raccoons attacking her! I’ve lived in Utah for about two years now and I’m no stranger to wildlife, from deer in my backyard to woodpeckers in my trees, they’re everywhere all the time, but […]