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Snake Removal

Snake removal isn’t something you think about at all, until you need it.  Rick and I had just moved in together a few weeks ago, and we were still making a few adjustments to having another person around all the time.  We don’t really fight, but we are great at bickering, and we’d already […]

Dead Rodent Removal

I should have listened to my brother, who told me that dead rodent removal would be more difficult than setting rat traps and getting rid of the trapped rats.

I’m living in my first apartment after moving out on my own at the ripe old age of eighteen.  I was so excited to get […]

Pest Control – Raccoons

Pest control ain’t just for little critters like roaches and ants.  Pest control is for any pest, including the coons that keep stealing my food, and I’m not too sure my old bones can handle it.  I usually sit up in my cat tree, overseeing the household affairs and making sure all is well […]

County Raccoon Removal

I watch these silly videos online or on TV where naïve people are oohing and aaaahing over how adorable raccoons are, and all I can think of is, they need raccoon removal immediately!  We had to have Salt Lake raccoon removal services out at our cabin this spring, and those “adorable” animals cost us […]

Dead Animal

“There’s a dead animal in the house.”  The thought hit Lindsey right after the smell did.

She’d struggled into the house, grocery bags draped 5 deep on each arm, purse slipping off her shoulder and one shoe threatening to slip off her foot.  With the talent many women possess, she had managed to get […]

Overpopulation of Raccoons

Normally, our Home Owners Association meetings are kind of boring, but the turnout for last night was astounding, considering we were discussing the overpopulation of raccoons in our neighborhood.  Everyone had a story to tell.  Raccoons defecating in someone’s backyard pool and someone else’s koi pond.  Raccoons getting into crawlspaces and making noises that […]

Overpopulation of Pigeons

With all the recent road construction, and placement of new bridges throughout the county, I’m surprised there isn’t a greater discussion of the overpopulation of pigeons in the county.

You might wonder what one has to do with the other, but it actually makes a great deal of sense.  First and foremost, pigeon urine […]

Overpopulation of Skunks


Anyone else notice that we seem to have an overpopulation of skunks?  Lately there’s a lot more odorous and destructive animal activity in our city, and more skunk road kill.  Usually, we only notice skunks in this area as we’re driving through a particularly odorous section of road and figure some fox was […]

Overpopulation of Voles

Last spring, my neighbors and I battled an overpopulation of voles in our lawns, and many of our conversations this winter have been wondering if we would continue to have a vole problem once the snows thaw.  One of our neighbors was particularly upset, because they invested in some gorgeous apple trees a few […]

Effects of Rat Poisoning

In order to become licensed foster care parents in our state, my husband and I were forced to completely reevaluate the safety of our home, and learn all kinds of fun facts like the effects of rat poisoning in the body.  So, we put safety covers on all the electrical outlets, installed child safety […]