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Bee Removal

Bee removal sounds so much simpler than it really is.  Mom and Dad had no idea what they were in for, but it sure made me glad I’m still a kid.  Ten-year-olds don’t have to mess with that kind of stuff.  Yuck!

            We had no idea we had a problem at first.  I […]

Opossum Removal

Jamie was so pissed . . . some animal had crapped on his bedroom floor again, and he was so sick of it that he got his roommates in there for some opossum removal.  He had no idea where the animal was, why it had chosen his room, how it had gotten into the […]

Chipmunk Removal

                    Why would you ever want chipmunk removal?  They’re such lovely creaturessss for us pretty snakes.  Aaaaah, they scamper ahead into your yard and take up residence, and all I have to do is wait for them to make the perfect little holes and trails.  I let them make my perfect home, in your […]

Mouse Removal

I’ve done a lot of mice removal in my job at pest control, and my favorite thing to do is train the new guy!  Most of our house calls end up pretty standard.  We just see the proof that mice have been there.  Tons and tons of mouse droppings.  Looks like little black grains […]

Mole Removal

When 13 year-old Nathan needed to make some extra cash one summer, he thought he could do yard work for the neighbors, having no idea that mole removal would become one of his chores.  He knocked on the doors of his neighbors, explained that he was trying to earn some extra money, and asked if […]

Beaver Removal

            A group of families in Oshawa, Ontario Canada had finally had enough of improper beaver removal.  They had learned that many beavers were being trapped inhumanely in grotesque metal traps that snapped on their legs.  The beavers were left to suffer until they were either freed or died. 

            The group […]

Snake Removal

           Most guys assume they can do snake removal themselves, but then, most guys don’t assume they’d come toe-to-face with a rattlesnake in their kitchen first thing in the morning.

            Gary woke up late in the morning, after working an extra shift the night before.  Finally, a day off, and he wasn’t going […]

Armadillo Removal

                      There I was, minding my own business, sniffing around and jumping after crickets, when this giant, hard mouse comes wandering around my yard, and I find myself in need of some serious armadillo removal.  Course, I know it’s not a hard mouse, but this baby armadillo’s just as much of a pest, and […]

Squirrel Removal

Preparing for an important upcoming business meeting is certainly not the time to think about squirrel removal.

I was starting to become the office joke – the woman obsessed with the idea a squirrel was in the ceiling above her office. “Maybe it’s a ghost,” one co-worker offered, snickering. “Are the voices talking to […]

Woodpecker Removal

When will my people finally DO something and call a woodpecker removal service???  As a cat, I own this place.  I know all the best napping spots, the warmest windows to sit in, and exactly how to annoy the dog.  It is most upsetting to hear this constant tap-tap-tapping on the roof, on the […]